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The Intention Journal: The powerful, research-backed planner for achieving your big investing goals in just ninety days Spiral-Bound | November 7, 2019

Brandon Turner

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Once you build intentionality into your daily routine, you can achieve the incredible success that sometimes seems out of reach. Establish time for intentional planning and take back your day!

Some individuals can achieve incredible success—great wealth, rock-solid relationships, age-defying health, and remarkable happiness—and so many others struggle, fail, and give up on their dreams, goals, and ambitions. Could it simply be that those who find success are more intentional about it?

The Intention Journal, backed by the latest research in psychology, is a simple yet powerful daily planner that offers an effective framework to set and review your three big goals over 90 days. With this roadmap, you’ll establish result-driven processes and position yourself to achieve the level of success that you've always dreamed of. The Intention Journal will be your playbook to create the life that you always wanted—whether your goals involve health, finances, businesses, relationships, breaking bad habits, starting good ones, or anything else that needs real intention to grow.

Get ready for the most powerful and intentional ninety days of your life!

Publisher: BiggerPockets Publishing
Original Binding: Imitation Leather
Pages: 254 pages
ISBN-10: 1947200208
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Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, and writer. With nearly 100 rental units and dozens of rehabs under his belt, he continues to invest in real estate while also showing others the power, and impact, of financial freedom. His writings have been featured on,,, Money Magazine, and numerous other publications across the web and in print media. He is the author of The Book on Rental Property Investing, The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down, and co-author of The Book on Managing Rental Properties, which he wrote alongside his wife, Heather. A life-long adventurer, Brandon (along with his wife Heather and daughter Rosie) splits his time between his home in Hawaii and various other destinations around the globe.