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Living with Blue & White Spiral-Bound |

Jordan Marxer (Edited by), Victoria (Edited by)

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Rarely has the pairing of two hues captured hearts and imaginations like the combination of blue and white. Whether they are the basis for an interior design motif or the focus of a table setting, these perennially adored partners sweep the spectrum, from serene shades as calming as a summer breeze to deep saturations as dramatic as they are inviting.

Living with Blue & White, from the editors of Victoria magazine, introduces readers to myriad possibilities for enfolding this timeless palette into one’s home and lifestyle. Beginning with Welcoming Interiors, with its panoply of pretty spaces, each thoughtfully arranged chapter illustrates the many ways blue and white bestows its charms. Gracious Tables offers a visual road map for creating eye-catching tablescapes, sure to impress guests, while Cottage Charm gives readers a virtual tour of blissful retreats, all dressed in sublime shades. And for those who favor dreamy alabaster tones all on their own, The Peaceful Presence of White is a pleasure to peruse. From time immemorial, nature has been a source of inspiration, and the chapter Of Sea & Sky represents the soothing hues found in coastal waters and in the heavens above. Collectors will appreciate Cherished Treasures, which shows creative ways to display curated items, from flow blue china to milk glass, and anyone dreaming of a private sanctuary will find Personal Havens brimming with ideas. This color scheme plays well with others, too—Blue, White & Friends demonstrates that a cheerful pop of yellow or soft accents of green can blend beautifully within the blue-and-white framework.

As with all of Victoria’s offerings, this keepsake volume is beautifully bound and features the captivating photography and eloquent prose that is a hallmark of the brand. Whether one is just awakening to the aesthetic charms of this beloved color collaboration or falling in love with it all over again, Living with Blue & White is certain to enchant as well as inspire.

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Jordan Marxer has been a part of Victoria magazine since 2007. Victoria, a bimonthly women's lifestyle magazine, is created for all who love heritage linens, charming homes, and gracious gardens. Living with Blue & White is Jordan's fifth book following The Art of Flowers,The Art of Tea, Our Hearts are in France, and Our Hearts are in England. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama.