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Hubble's Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images (2nd Edition, Enlarged) Spiral-Bound |

Terence Dickinson

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Praise for the first edition:
"Superbly well produced Any engagement with this 'cosmic portfolio,' from picture gazing to deep reading, is grandly rewarded "

[starred review] "The book's precise descriptions and captions brilliantly complement the 300 full-color Hubble images this is an amazing book outstanding "
--Library Journal

"A treasure map to the majesty of our universe "
--Publishers Weekly

"A reminder that the finest telescope in space might also be the greatest camera ever created "
--Wall Street Journal

The first edition of Hubble's Universe displayed 300 pages of high-resolution celestial portraits selected by bestselling astronomy writer Terence Dickinson from the initial 22 years of the Hubble Space Telescope's exploration of distant galaxies With the telescope now at the apex of its imaging capabilities, this second edition adds another chapter with more than 36 completely new images, including the first publication of a four-page fold-out of the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to Earth, revealing more than one million individual stars

Thanks to Dickinson's expertise with Hubble's history and discoveries and his access to top Hubble scientists for insight and accuracy, the text includes facts and tidbits not found in any other book Combined with 330 brilliant images, the clear, succinct and illuminating narrative brings to life the fascinating forces at work in the universe

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Beautiful images adorn this second edition, including a spectacular fold-out panorama of a part of the Andromeda Galaxy The first edition was inspirational, and this second is equally so; and at a price modest by modern standards, it's a bargain -David Stickland

Terence Dickinson, one of Canada's best-loved amateur-astronomy writers, gained renown for unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos His down-to-earth style made him the award-winning best-selling author of 14 astronomy books, including NightWatch, The Backyard Astronomer's Guide, The Universe and Beyond and Hubble's Universe The cofounder and former editor of SkyNews, Canada's national astronomy magazine, Dickinson was a recipient of the Order of Canada and two honorary doctorates