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Ditch the Diet: The 7 Essential Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Generally Kick Ass at Life Spiral-Bound | June 1, 2021

Oonagh Duncan

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A no-excuses, actionable path to wellness, from an award-winning trainer and fitness expert

Who’s tired of diets and scales? EVERYONE.

Ditch the Diet is a very back-to-basics approach that cuts through the clutter of so much of what’s on the shelf. “Spoiler alert: gluten, coconut oil, intermittent fasting and goji berries are just a distraction. Stop reading that sh*t online and start focusing on the stuff that’s really going to move the needle—stuff like eating your vegetables, getting enough sleep and kicking the nightly glass of wine to the curb.”

This #1 Globe and Mail bestseller, a gloriously unapologetic conversation for a hungry audience who is ready to drop the excuses, ditch the diet, and get healthy already, led by a rebellious voice that readers relate to and love.

"A smart, funny and practical guide to revolutionizing your health and wellness. Oonagh Duncan addresses everything from mindset to meal prep in order to help you get healthy (and happy!) from the inside out. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you think, and she'll give you just the kick in the you-know-what that you need to put healthy habits into action."—Ocean Robbins, bestselling author of 31-Day Food Revolution

"A no-BS guide to looking and feeling your best that doesn't make you want to cry into a salad? Hell yes! [This] is a different kind of weight-loss book-because it's not just about dropping pounds; it's about dropping judgment. Hilarious and legitimately inspiring. I loved it."—Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of Calm the Fuck Down

"Oonagh Duncan is smart, to the point, and will make you laugh, but most importantly, [This] provides some foundational habits and strategies to help you make lasting, long-term changes for your wellbeing.”—Michael Greger, MD, Founder of and New York Times bestselling author of How Not to Diet

"I love Oonagh's ability to cut through the crap and communicate simple, livable ways to eat healthy, exercise, and create new sustainable habits in a clear and direct way!"—Harley Pasternak, internationally bestselling author of The Body Reset Diet

"Hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny, and straight to the point-Oonagh doesn't mince her words. If you want to get off the weight-loss roller coaster, ditch the exhausting diet mentality to feel and look your best, Healthy as F*ck is packed with advice that actually works because it's not about a diet; it's about a lifestyle."—Joy McCarthy, holistic nutritionist and two-time bestselling author of Joyous Health and Joyous Detox

"In this gleefully expletive-laced guide, Duncan empowers failed dieters to change their habits...Duncan writes without judgment and with such joie de vivre...she makes working out first thing in the morning and downing loads of vegetables sound fun."—Booklist

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OONAGH DUNCAN is a multiaward-winning trainer with eighteen years of distinction in the fitness industry. She has worked as an associate fitness editor for Chatelaine Magazine and a contributing writer for Fitness Magazine. Oonagh helps thousands of people change their bodies, brains, and habits through her groundbreaking online program that focuses on feeling good through a habits-based approach.