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Jumble® Time Machine 1972: A Collection of Puzzles from 50 Years Ago! Spiral-Bound | September 6, 2022

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Hop in the Jumble Time Machine as it travels back to 1972!

For more than 65 years, millions of newspaper readers have delighted in solving the daily Jumble®, which appears in hundreds of national papers and in these puzzle books that offer hours of challenging wordplay and fun. Each page features a series of mixed-up words coupled with a cartoon clue, and one letter from each word is used to form the answer to the puzzle.
Publisher: Triumph Books
Original Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 192 pages
ISBN-10: 1637270828
Item Weight: 1.2 lbs
Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11.0 inches
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