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The Classroom Behavior Manual: How to Build Relationships with Students, Share Control, and Teach Positive Behaviors Spiral-Bound | February 11, 2022

Scott Ervin


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Learn the most effective procedures and strategies to respond to negative behavior in nonpunitive ways and foster positive, prosocial student behavior that supports student learning.

Positive student behaviors are desired outcomes, but this manual concentrates on inputs. How do you respond to difficult behavior in the moment when you know that punitive, compliance-based behavior management is so often ineffectual? What's the best way to prevent students from acting out in the first place? The path to success requires behavioral leadership, in which teachers strategically model and affirm the behaviors they want to see in students.

Behavior expert Scott Ervin calls on his two decades of experience to share the most effective procedures and strategies to foster positive, prosocial student behavior that supports learning, including ways to
* Organize your physical classroom to support positive classroom management.
* Build positive teacher-student relationships.
* Share control with students in a way that best fosters their autonomy.

The Classroom Behavior Manual is a resource you can return to again and again, packed with more than 100 strategies and dozens of procedures and tools. Learn how to respond to negative behaviors in nonpunitive ways so that you can ensure all students' school days are as calm, engaging, and educational as they possibly can be.

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Scott Ervin has worked with extremely difficult, at-risk, abused, and neglected kids for more than two decades. He has served as a principal, superintendent, and discipline specialist. As a consultant and founder of Ervin Educational Coaching, he has traveled the country teaching parents and educators alike how to be calm and assertive with children. Ervin has taught classroom management as an adjunct professor at Antioch University Midwest and as a visiting lecturer at Ohio University, University of Dayton, and Wright State University. He also writes a syndicated newspaper column, "Ask the Kid Whisperer." For more information, go to or email