The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised : Names of the Damned Spiral-Bound |

M. Belanger

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With more than 200 additional entries, the revised and expanded second edition of one the world's most important books on demonology is now available in paperback. Ever since the publication of the original book more than ten years ago, author M. Belanger has been collecting material for this expanded edition. Filled with additional new articles, spirits, demons, appendices, and art, the bestselling Dictionary of Demons is now an even more comprehensive resource. You will discover an expanded introduction, extended articles, an update to the Decans of the Zodiac, additional entries, and dozens of new illustrations. The Dictionary of Demons: Revised and Expanded includes more than 1,700 demons as well as short articles on demonology and a wealth of illustrations, making it one of the most valuable reference works in the field.

Previous editions:

First Edition (Out of Print): 9780738723068

Second Edition Limited-Edition Hardcover: 9780738765365

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Ltd
Original Binding: Paperback
Pages: 508 pages
ISBN-10: 0738768588
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Dimensions: 8.0 x 1.82 x 10.0 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings

"There are few people who leave me in utter awe of their encyclopedic expertise of the occult. M. Belanger is one of those people and The Dictionary of Demons serves as concrete proof. Belanger uniquely has a foot in the world of occult scholarship and research and that of active occultism and paranormal investigation, giving Belanger unique insights that can't be gained from one field alone. If ever there was a real-world equivalent of Rupert Giles from Buffy, it would definitely be M. Belanger. This [revised and expanded] edition of The Dictionary of Demons is even more delicious than the original. [It] contain expanded and additional material as well as unreleased material that was edited out of the original. From 'Aariel' to 'Zynextyur,' this is the most comprehensive book that you will find on the subject of demonology. Just as valuable are the numerous appendices, such as demonic correspondences and the angels who constrain which demons. This fascinating book belongs on every practicing witch, magician, occultist, and paranormal investigator's bookshelf."—Mat Auryn, author of Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

"The Dictionary of Demons is a simply amazing compendium of infernal information and graphics from around the world. In equal parts scholarly and entertaining, you can use it as a reference tool or just open it at random and get lost in fantastic new worlds. If you're interested in Biblical studies, mythology, folklore, or fantasy literature, The Dictionary of Demons is a must-have."—Richard Kadrey, author of the Sandman Slim series

M. Belanger is an occult expert, educator, media personality, and author of over thirty books on paranormal and occult topics. Founder and lead clergy of the magickal group House Kheperu, Belanger is most widely recognized for work as a psychic on A&E's Paranormal State and Osbourne Media's Portals to Hell. Consulted for numerous documentaries, books, and courses, Belanger has lectured on paranormal and occult topics at colleges and universities across North America and was a National Merit Scholar. A prolific and versatile creator, Belanger has also contributed work to projects as wide-ranging as Marvel AR, HBO's True Blood, CNN Headline News, CSI, Nox Arcana, and multiple RPGs.

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