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The Christian Mom's Pregnancy Journal: Week-by-Week Guide, Prayers, and Memory Book Spiral-Bound | October 19, 2021

Aubry G. Smith, CD and CBE (CBI)

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Your pregnancy is a blessing. Record weekly milestones, find inspiration through scripture and prayer, and reflect on your growing miracle in this keepsake guided journal.

No pregnancy care package is complete without a journal to record your pregnancy story. Track each week’s developmental milestone, reflect on your faith and journey, and help baby grow in God’s love. From the time you discover you’re pregnant to the first few weeks of your newborn’s life, this trimester-by-trimester pregnancy journal guides experienced and first-time moms who want to chronicle each precious moment. Simply start wherever you are in your pregnancy and continue through the first month after baby’s arrival.
The Christian Mom’s Pregnancy Journal features:
  • Weekly devotions: 40 inspirational scriptures, prayers, and Bible studies to guide mom and nurture baby through each milestone
  • Guidance for expecting moms: Weekly updates on baby’s development, mom’s changing nutrition and wellness needs, and important doctor’s appointments
  • Help preparing for baby: Christian baby name ideas, lullabies, books, and tips for creating a spiritual birth plan
  • Beautiful design: Makes a great gift, with room to paste sonograms and bump photos, write letters to baby, and reflect on important pregnancy moments
    Publisher: Penguin Random House
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    Aubry G. Smith is a certified childbirth educator and birth doula who received her master’s in theological studies at Columbia International University. Having spent five years in the Middle East training cross-cultural workers and offering birth services to expats, she now provides support services for refugees resettled in the UK as part of her work with an international Christian nonprofit. Aubry lives with her husband and three children in Belfast, Northern Ireland.